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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Did You Know?

Did you know ... that one in every 10 dollars spent in the United States on fishing is spent in Florida?

Did you know ... that even more impressive is the fact that 43 percent of anglers in the United States call the southeast region home?

Did you know ... that overall, nearly $20 billion in fishing retail sales are realized annually in the southeastern market?

Did you know ... that more than half of the United States sportfishing dollars are spent east of the Mississippi River?

Did you know ... that the sportfishing industry generates more state revenue than the citrus and cattle industries combined?

Did you know ... 93 percent of Americans support legal recreational fishing?

Did you know ... signed in 1995, Presidential Executive Order 12962 directs federal agencies to promote and protect sportfishing opportunities?

Did you know ... there are 13 million saltwater anglers in the United States?

Did you know ... Florida, California and Texas are the most popular saltwater fishing states?

Did you know ... saltwater anglers spend over $20 BILLION annually on their sport?

Did you know ... commercial fishing operations are responsible for 97 percent of all marine fish landed; recreational anglers land only 3 percent?

Did you know ... that according to the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), only 8 percent of marine fish stocks are actively being overfished. Most other species are on the road to recovery?

Did you know ... that many environmental groups are pushing to restrict public access in anywhere from 5-20 percent of all ocean areas?

Just a few tidbits of information!

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