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Sunday, October 16, 2016


Well, after all of the summer rains, along comes Matthew and dumps on us all the way up the state ... as if we needed more water.

So now many of the stand-alone lakes are so full that many have overflowed the ramps, needing a 4-wheel drive to back a boat in and don't even think about turning it off until after you pull back out, or you will ruin your vehicle's engine.  The Winter Haven Chain is so full that it makes it difficult to go between the lakes through the canals because the water is high enough that you can't get under the bridges.  And the Kissimmee Chain is so full that you would think that the bass are already bedding because they are back up in what used to be the shallows. 

Doesn't much matter what you throw because the bass are hitting most everything, from frogs and buzz-type baits (like the new Double Plopper by River 2 Sea) first thing in the morning to swimbaits, flukes, worms, jigs, etc. for the rest of the day.  In the tournaments, it as been taking around 30lbs to win them.

It is my understanding that Okeechobee is experiencing the same thing and that there has been so much water released out into the ocean that the saltwater guides are having to go many more miles out to sea to catch anything.  Also, several of the tarpon and snook have come all the way into Okeechobee and are thriving quite well and can be caught.

Some calls and email inquiries are starting to come in as we close in on the election.  I, for one, will be so glad when it is over.  I don't think I have ever experienced such a messed up campaign as I have this year.  We should all be praying for this country, no matter what the outcome is.

Also, we need to be praying for all those who were devastated by hurricane Matthew and for those who are trying to assist and repair the damages.  My wife's boss is going on a mission trip to Haiti next month, as I am sure they will be welcomed and be a blessing to the people of Haiti.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Well, it has been a very slow and hot summer for us here in Central Florida, and recently it has been very wet too.  The lakes are all up as much as two feet so the bass have been scattered all over the place, finding a lot of runoff water which is providing a multitude of critters for them to feed on.

Guiding has been extremely slow, but it was expected as it is always slow during an election year.  Funny thing is, it always picks back up after the election is over ... no matter whether a democrat or a republican is elected!  Just doesn't make sense, but that's just the way it is.

My wife has been gearing up for the upcoming season by completely revamping the website,  She was kind of forced into it by our website host,, which completely changed their website building program.  But I think it was a good thing because it really hadn't been updated much, other than adding photographs and customer's names each year.  If you take a look at it, let us know what you think.  Constructive criticism is always welcomed.

I am still having some issues with my neck surgery, but I don't believe it will interfere with me guiding this year.  I am looking forward to "getting back in the saddle again."

Here are a few photos from last season ~

Friday, March 25, 2016


Still recovering and going to therapy after our auto accident and neck surgery, but the fishing guiding must go on!  Although I am getting a later start in the season than usual, it is proving to be a bumper crop of good-size largemouth bass. Most of my trips have been this month, but I believe April is going to be a good month for some big toads too.

As you know, the majority of my guide fishing is done with live bait ... wild or domestic shiners, running around 6-7 inches in length.  That is the natural forage for the Florida strain of largemouth bass, along with bluegill, shad, minnows, crappie, shellcracker, frogs, and just about anything else that they can fit into their bucket mouth!  The wild shiners are very difficult for the suppliers to procure this month because they also are bedding in such shallow water that their boats can't get to them.  So that is when I resort to using domestic shiners.  They are not nearly as active, but are much hardier and sometimes you can use them for more than one fish, if they are not damaged much.

Today I had something happen that I've never had happen before.  There have been other times when a bass would start chasing one shiner, and then give up on that one and go for one of the others.  But today I had a bass eat one shiner and before the customer set the hook, that bass ate another shiner of my other customer.  They both set their hook and they both hooked it!

Double Hook-Up

 Both of these guys have fished with me for several years, but they are having a banner time this year and, because of that, there was no squabble over who caught this one.  See below as to how well their trip is going this year ... this was over the last three days, and they still have one or two more days coming up!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

It's A New Year ... Finally!

Boy, am I glad 2015 is over.  At my age, I'm not normally one to rush time to pass, but the last half of 2015 has been kinda rough.  On July 29th my wife and I were in an auto accident that totaled my Suburban.

We were both rushed to the hospital by ambulance.  After several CT scans, nothing broken or bleeding.  But upon further study with MRIs my wife and I have both had to undergo neck surgeries that involved fusion, plates and screws.  At this time we are both recovering from those surgeries and praying that no more are in the near future.

Needless to say, my fishing days have come to a screeching halt until further notice, from the surgeon, that is.  But I have been keeping up with what is going on "through the grapevine."  Most all of the waters in Central Florida for the bass population are beginning their transition.  We have had extremely hot weather all the way past going into the winter season, to just beginning to have some cold fronts reach this far south.  So this season's start to the spawn has been delayed.  In addition, we have had significant rains that have maintained much higher than normal water levels in all of the lakes that are not controlled, and even those that are controlled contain more water than usual.  Some ramps are almost leveled out to the water's edge!

Recent tournaments have had lower than usual totals weighed in, including a recent Lakeland Junior Bassmasters tournament held on Lake Kissimmee yesterday.  One division only took 9.89 lbs to win, a young man named Sammyjay Acree.
He has been quite well over the last year, having won his division overall and their classic, and he might well turn out to be the next Kevin VanDam!
 SammyJay Acree's Fishing

He already has his picture on one of his sponsor's products, Bass Munchers lures.  Might want to keep your eye on this one, you can be sure I will.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I probably don't have any followers left, but if there are any I want to apologize for being silent for so long.  Haven't really had much to comment about.  The fishing hasn't been anything to get excited about for a couple of years, but hopefully that will change with this upcoming season.  Although my season is going to have a late start because I am going to be laid up for a couple of months due to an upcoming surgery on my neck.

South Caroline isn't the only one dealing with high water, although ours is still staying in the lakes and rivers, but they are all very high and don't see them going down in the near future.

As we are starting to have a touch of cooler weather, the crappie fishermen are gearing up for their season as well.  My wife works at a tackle shop and she said they have been coming in to buy minnows, crappie jigs, and to outfit their boats with our rod holders.

I'm sure you bass fishermen have been checking out some of the new products that were introduced at ICAST this year.  I think the lure that's going to be the big thing for Central Florida will be Live Target's Sunfish.  It's due to hit the shelves some time next month and my wife is watching for them at the tackle shop where she works.

I'm in the process of going over my boats with a fine tooth comb, making sure they are guide trip ready.  Of course, I am coming across a few things that need to either be tweaked, upgraded, or fixed.  One thing I don't have to worry about is the rod holders on my pontoon boat.  Shortly after developing our Katydid Fishing Products rod holders I added them to my pontoon boat and have been using them ever since.

Katydid Fishing Rod Holders at

The only change I made was when we upgraded from using wing nuts to using T-knobs, which are easier to tighten down.  They work great for big bass fishing with shiners.  With the cooler weather hitting up north, many of my repeat customers are calling and emailing to set up their fishing dates for this year with my guide service, Southern Outdoorsman Guide Service.

Will try to keep updating the blog from now on, so FISH ON!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The multi-lure rigs have become quite popular since the Alabama Rig hit the scene.  Now you can even buy rods specifically designed to handle the added casting weight, not to mention the added catch weight if you hook up on more than one fish.  This type of fishing can take its toll on an angler's arm in no time.

That's where the Mo-Bling becomes an advantage ... by replacing some of the lures with willow blades, you still have the illusion of a small school of baitfish but, by only actually having three baits with hooks and a light-weight spinnerbait type head, casting is quite a bit easier on the arm.  Now you will have some strength left for when you get bit by one to three bass and need to land them in that all-important tournament!!!

Of course, this makes for a lot of fun when you're just out practicing or fun fishing.  There is also the original Mo-Rig which is even lighter than the Mo-Bling because, instead of five lures it only has three.  Catching three fish at a time is possible on both rigs.  These rigs work great for trolling, too

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The only way to tell fall has arrived in Florida is the color change in the lilly pads, a few leaves falling from less than half of the trees, and nights that have become bearable.  The good news is that has started the waters cooling off slightly, but just enough to get the bass to start schooling up.  I noticed it on this last moon just before I was ready to call it a day around 11:00 am.  It is still too hot during the day to stay much longer than that, but I had to cast into them for a bit.  The sad thing is I didn't have anything in the boat that day that they really seemed that interested in.  Oh, we caught a few on swim baits and a few on live shiners, but nothing to brag about, so I won't.

After we get some substantial fronts through to cool the waters even more, get your small bait gear ready for some chunking and winding into hoards of schoolies.

Monday, September 10, 2012



Sorry that I have totally neglected the blog for so long, but my wife and I have been so busy with our businesses that there is hardly time to blog.  Working 30 hrs/week at a tackle store around scheduled fishing guide trips, keeping up an online tackle store (, and promoting/selling at tackle shows for our manufacturing company's rod holders ( - doesn't leave very much 'spare' time.

Fishing has been unpredictable lately because of such a fluctuation in the water levels.  Since Isaac skirted Florida and dumped a fair amount of rain the runoff has clouded the water and pushed it up into higher grasslines, but then they open the flood gates and the water drops again.  Pretty good fishing while the water is moving, but still dirty unless you can get into places where the grasses are filtering it well.

The summer heat has been sweltering this year, too.  You know it's gonna be a rough day when you start sweating outside and the sun hasn't even come up yet!  It's just too hot to eat, even for the fish.  Soon though it will start cooling down a bit at night which will stir their instincts to bunch up into schools and start fattening up for the winter months.  Fall fishing can be a blast if you like catching a lot of numbers.  Getting the bigger ones takes a little extra patience, since they still lurk below the smaller ones, waiting for their leftover kills.

I should have more to discuss when things get busier.  Until then, fish really early, really late, and watch some football inbetween ... or consider a fishing trip further north where it's cooler and more enjoyable.

Monday, September 05, 2011


It was no labor at all to add these great items to More Tackle.  Hope there's something here to peak your interest.  We only have one or two of each model of the Fin-Nor reels, so first come, first served.

Fin-Nor Reels:
  • Offshore Star Drag
  • Santiago
  • Sportfisher Spinning
  • Sportfisher Lever Drag
  • Marquesa
  • Megalite
MonoMaster by Grasshopper Outdoors

Keep checking back periodically for more great items as they get added to the site.

Thanks for shopping with More Tackle and God bless you all!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fly Fishing for Bass

I’ve been fishing since I was a kid, and from the beginning, I knew my favorite times on the water would be when I was bass fishing. For about 95% of my fishing life, I used a spinning reel.I picked up a bait caster once or twice, but was never in thick enough cover to need heavy line, so I rarely even bothered.It is fun, fast, convenient and little still gets me as excited as a smallmouth crushing a topwater lure, but I never realized how much I was actually missing out on.

After I graduated college, my mentality toward fishing began to change. While always enjoyable, fishing just was losing a bit of it’s luster. I wanted more of a challenge. I thought back to a trip I took with my family to Yellowstone, where my dad and I had a guide float us down a river with a couple fly rods.I couldn’t get the fly to float to save my life, but I realized the scenery, the quiet, and the focus each cast took was what I was missing in my current outings.So I borrowed an old rod from my neighbor and decided to try fly-fishing.I’ve since found it is endlessly adaptable and never boring. It truly elevates fishing from a hobby to an art form. If you’re interested in getting started, here are a few suggestions to help you begin.

Just Do It

When I started I pored over magazines and even watched a couple of instructional videos. After some extensive studying I quickly realized there’s no substitution for experience. Like golf and other instinctive sports, fly-casting relies on muscle memory that improves with practice. If you have a friend who is already an experienced fly fisherman you’re golden. I had just moved right outside of New York City and was on my own.I found that local fly shops were happy to let me try a few rods while handing out helpful advice. Some shops even offer classes in casting, reel loading, or even tying flies. Look for a group locally or online that accepts beginners. Then, the best way to learn how to fly fish is go out and do it. Also, a day spent with an experienced guide can be worth more than weeks on the water by yourself. You won’t regret it.

Don't Go Crazy

Fly-fishing, like most hobbies, can get expensive. Open a catalog and prepare to be stunned by the infinite variety of rods, reels, lines, leaders, tippets, auxiliary equipment and, of course, flies. Fly rods and reels can be several thousand dollars on the high end, but can also be found for less than one hundred. I found that most other traditional fly-fishing gear, like waders, boots, vest, etc. were unnecessary since I was usually fishing from a boat and already had what I needed from years of bass fishing.I was able to find anything else I needed online at a discounted price after asking the local shops what they recommended and why.

Don’t Give Up

Any kind of fishing takes patience and perseverance, fly-fishing even more so. The beauty of fly-fishing is that it merges aspects of both science and art. The satisfaction of one perfect cast, the line looping effortlessly and a fly landing exactly where you sent it is worth five – maybe even ten – bad ones. It makes all those stares I received from my neighbors when I was practicing behind my home in Long Island worth it.If you love bass fishing and you’re up for an adventure, try hitting the water with a fly rod. There’s a good chance you’ll get hooked.

Written by Adam Coholan

On Twitter @Coho22