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Monday, May 04, 2009

Water Woes

Can you believe how low the water level is in our lakes again?!?!? I hate to say it, but we need a hurricane ... or at the very least, a few tropical depressions to get some water back into our lakes and rivers. Not just for the fishing, but for the entire ecosystem. But it would certainly help the fishing, or at least help the fisherman get into the lakes. Have you noticed how difficult it is getting your boat launched?

I've come to the realization that I should have purchased a 4-wheel drive when I bought my Suburban. But even some of them are having trouble at the sand ramps. Especially since most boat owners do power loading now, as this causes a build-up of sand out from the ramp. When the water goes down it causes a hump of sand to be in the way of loading and unloading, whereas some trailers even hang up.

The state should take advantage of all this low water and make improvements to the ramps now. They could repair those in need of it, and lengthen all of them ... or at least the most widely used ones. That might not create any new jobs, but it would secure some for a while. If anglers would let their state representatives know this, we might be able to get something done.

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions.


CyberCelt said...

I think you may want to worry more about the water than the ramps. We are allocating more water than is available.

Lake Mead dried up last year. The Highland Lakes in Texas were down to about 25% last year.

There must be water left in rivers to reach the coast. The coastal bays and estuaries are the nurseries of many species of fish.

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Capt. Dick said...

Of course we are concerned about the water table, but we can't do much of anything about that. But we could take advantage of the low water levels in the locations where ramps are in dire need of repair or improvement.