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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Spring into June

I don't know if it's the rain we have been getting for the last two weeks raising the water levels, or the fact that the temperatures have not been too high because of the afternoon rains, or the fact that a rise in water level increases the forage. All I know is that the fishing is still great.

This 7/12 lb largemouth bass caught by Brian Futch of Mulberry, FL during our outing Tuesday morning, June 2, 2009, is proof that the big ones are still very active and "available."

If the rains keep coming throughout the rest of Spring and into the Summer, then this should be a good year for not only bass fishing, but the bluegill fishing will be picking up, beginning with the full moon tomorrow.

Don't forget to follow the law regarding daily catch limits ... and possession limits. These laws have been put into place for a good reason, so please respect them.

On another note, keep a watch out for our new online tackle outlet store,, which will go live some time this month. We will be offering great deals on some of your favorite tackle and specials on discontinued items that some of you have been asking for in various fishing forums. If there is a particular lure or other item that you really liked and wished were still available, send us an email at and let us know. If we can get it we'll let you know personally.

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