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Monday, August 24, 2009


I came across a quote the other day (don't know who wrote it):

"You can paint a painting with Picasso's paint brush, but it doesn't make your painting a Picasso."

With a little rewrite, I came up with this:

"You can fish with Kevin Van Dam fishing tackle, but it doesn't make you a top professional fisherman."

Don't get me wrong. most of the professionals come up with some very good products, but a lot of it is just promotional hype. Sometimes you need to find what works best for you, and sometimes there just isn't anything already out there that suits you just perfect. So experiment ... consider building your own fishing rod. Start with the type of blank you prefer to fish with, then add the type of guides and tip you like, next select the reel seat, and finally add your pick of handles. Now you've got yourself a professional fishing rod with YOUR name on it (so to speak).

At More Tackle we are creating a department specifically for building your own fishing rods. Be it saltwater or freshwater, spinning or baitcasting, you can get almost anything your heart desires and make it all your own. Check it out soon and consider creating your next painting with your own personal paintbrush.


swese44 said...

Hey Dick, you have got pictures of some beautiful bass up here! You should think about adding your catches at You can even list your guide service for free, and show exactly where you catch your fish on the fishing maps (I can't think of any better free publicity).

goldkngt55 said...

Like the quote. :)