Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I probably don't have any followers left, but if there are any I want to apologize for being silent for so long.  Haven't really had much to comment about.  The fishing hasn't been anything to get excited about for a couple of years, but hopefully that will change with this upcoming season.  Although my season is going to have a late start because I am going to be laid up for a couple of months due to an upcoming surgery on my neck.

South Caroline isn't the only one dealing with high water, although ours is still staying in the lakes and rivers, but they are all very high and don't see them going down in the near future.

As we are starting to have a touch of cooler weather, the crappie fishermen are gearing up for their season as well.  My wife works at a tackle shop and she said they have been coming in to buy minnows, crappie jigs, and to outfit their boats with our rod holders.

I'm sure you bass fishermen have been checking out some of the new products that were introduced at ICAST this year.  I think the lure that's going to be the big thing for Central Florida will be Live Target's Sunfish.  It's due to hit the shelves some time next month and my wife is watching for them at the tackle shop where she works.

I'm in the process of going over my boats with a fine tooth comb, making sure they are guide trip ready.  Of course, I am coming across a few things that need to either be tweaked, upgraded, or fixed.  One thing I don't have to worry about is the rod holders on my pontoon boat.  Shortly after developing our Katydid Fishing Products rod holders I added them to my pontoon boat and have been using them ever since.

Katydid Fishing Rod Holders at www.katydidfishingproducts.com

The only change I made was when we upgraded from using wing nuts to using T-knobs, which are easier to tighten down.  They work great for big bass fishing with shiners.  With the cooler weather hitting up north, many of my repeat customers are calling and emailing to set up their fishing dates for this year with my guide service, Southern Outdoorsman Guide Service.

Will try to keep updating the blog from now on, so FISH ON!

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