Thursday, June 20, 2013

The multi-lure rigs have become quite popular since the Alabama Rig hit the scene.  Now you can even buy rods specifically designed to handle the added casting weight, not to mention the added catch weight if you hook up on more than one fish.  This type of fishing can take its toll on an angler's arm in no time.

That's where the Mo-Bling becomes an advantage ... by replacing some of the lures with willow blades, you still have the illusion of a small school of baitfish but, by only actually having three baits with hooks and a light-weight spinnerbait type head, casting is quite a bit easier on the arm.  Now you will have some strength left for when you get bit by one to three bass and need to land them in that all-important tournament!!!

Of course, this makes for a lot of fun when you're just out practicing or fun fishing.  There is also the original Mo-Rig which is even lighter than the Mo-Bling because, instead of five lures it only has three.  Catching three fish at a time is possible on both rigs.  These rigs work great for trolling, too

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