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Sunday, September 07, 2008


Sorry for being gone for so long, but I really didn't have much to write about. Guess you could say that I was hibernating. The last fishing season (if you could call it that) was extremely slow. I don't blame anglers for not coming south this past winter season to fish. The lakes were all so low that it put a hurtin' on fishing ... and some were so low that you couldn't even launch your boat.

But thanks to Fay, things are looking up. Most of the lakes in Central Florida have come up several feet and the fish are biting for joy! Although we don't get many customers during the hot summer months, there have been a few that have championed the heat for the thrill of victory over Mother Nature.

You would think this fellow would look a little happier with a catch like this! Oh well, I guess it takes a little more to get some anglers to crack a smile ... better luck next time!

Check out some smiling fishermen on our Bass Braggin' page in our website.


The Truth said...

That's a mighty big fish! I like to go fishing on my Sevylor and I do catch lots of fish but just not one that big as of yet. Cool!

Basspastor said...

I wish I had caught this return to blogging a little sooner. Hopefully you will get back in the groove. But it's now 3 months later without another post.