Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Fishing

This season is starting off very similar to last year.  The fishing started out quite good, catching bass in around 4' waters along the grass lines with frogs, swim baits, flippin baits and, of course, shiners.  Then the cold fronts started coming in again ... about a week apart.  Enough time for the air to warm up each time, but not the water temps much.

I've had to change to fishing lakes with deeper water or deeper holes.  The bass I have found are grouped up in at least 10' deep water, hanging around 5-6' deep.  They will hit shiners and when you set you have them on for awhile and then frequently loose them, getting the shiner back with scales only on the front 1/4 of it.  Stinger hooks added don't seem to have much of an effect.  If you do hook one, they don't give much of a fight.  This cold water has made them very lethargic.  Plus, the cold water appears to stun the shiners, keeping them from working the way they normally would.  This, in itself, reduced the chance of a strike.

When this situation occurs I have to make a couple of adjustments.  First, I drop down in size with my bait, whether live or artificial.  Second, I slow down the presentation.  If I am pulling shiners, I lower the speed on the trolling motor.  I don't stop and anchor up because then the shiners will just nose up into cover and not move at all.  If I am fishing with artificial bait, I show down the retrieve.  One of my sayings is "If you think you are fishing to slow ... slow down!"  Anglers tend to fish too fast, trying to cover more water in less time.  You are most likely passing up more fish then you will catch.

I hope this helps improve your "cold front" fishing.  We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, remembering that the greatest "Fisherman" was ... is ... and is yet to come.  Hallelujah!

Have a prosperous, joyous New Year!

Capt Dick Loupe and First Mate, Joyce Loupe
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