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Friday, January 30, 2009

Kids Gone Fishin'

I know I've talked about this once already, but it needs to be talked about more and more. If it was, then maybe our kids wouldn't be getting into so much trouble, wouldn't be sitting in front of the computer or TV so much (you can tell it's hard to get me to), and wouldn't be trying out the wrong things at too early of an age.

Kids have almost forgotten what it's like to be a kid ... either that or it has changed drastically, for the worse. I have found that since we added a pontoon boat to our choice for guiding, that more and more parents are bringing their kids with them on the part of their vacation that they have set aside for fishing. And the kids are learning about something that they never knew they had an interest in ... until now.

On the side are just a few pictures of the kids that have been fishing with me. Just look at their faces. They're having fun and there's not a TV, computer, ipod, cellphone, or gamer anywhere in the picture. Just something that came from nature that they are proud to have encountered.

There are numerous sites out there, including ours, that either include kids fishing or are dedicated to kids fishing. Take the time to show your kids or grandkids what they're missing.

Kid's Fishing Tips; Gettings Kids Started Fishing; Information for Kids; Fishing Fun; Kids Fishing Clinics; Fishing For Kids; Kids Fishing Directory; Bass Fishing 4 Kids; Why Kids Need Fishing

These are just a few of the sites with information and/or pictures about kids and all types of fishing. Of course, we are partial to largemouth bass fishing, but that's only because it's the most popular of all the sport fishing ... and that's what we do best.

Just a tip ... if you're having any trouble with "generation gap" in regards to either your kids or grandkids, take them fishing and watch the gap shrink right before your eyes. In the eyes of the bass, you're all God's children!

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