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Friday, January 30, 2009

Pike caught in Canada ... or was it?

Below is a copy of an email I received. But when I googled it, I came up with a site that has some debating the validity of the location. Let us know if anyone knows for sure where this monster pike was caught.
  • This is the new record in Canada. He caught it on Rainy Lake. Check this thing out. The last picture is unbelievable! This guy (in the photos below), was fishing and caught a 36" Pike - as he was reeling it in, a 56" Pike tried to eat it!!!!! He brought them both in on the same net. Awesome catch on a Lake in Canada - 55 lbs- 56 inches.

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Steve Dobson said...

Howdy Capt.

I think this is a bit of internet BS. I received the same pictures a while ago and was told that the fish was caught somewhere in Europe.

Funny what people will do or claim. Nice fish though!


Capt. Dick said...

Yeah, who knows where it was caught, but it was still a nice catch!

Anonymous said...

the fish was caught on Belmont lake in ontario, its near peterburough